Siege of Shakaro
The initial invasion of the city continent Shakaro.
Operation Hammerhead
Date January 15th, 92 AF - July 22nd, 92 AF
Location Gaia
Outcome Stalemate; Reclaimation War ends; basis for the North Eastern Defense Act laid.
Commanders and Leaders
  • Field Marshal Sergei Malashky (Coalition Commander)
  • ~20,000,000 Northern Federation military personnel
  • Entire Gaian Military
  • ~30,000,000 Hydra League Military Personnel
Causalities and Losses ~7,000,000 Northern Federation Military Personnel

Operation Hammerhead, also known as the Battle of Gaia or the Siege of Gaia, is one of the few major offensives launched by the Galactic Coalition during the Reclaimation War with the intent of taking the Hydra League-held world of Gaia after news of the development of a bio-weapon reached the ears of the Coalition that could absolutely decimate population centers across the Galaxy. The invasion was launched to prevent this deadly virus from completing development and potentially being released.



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