Operation Phoenix Down is a whisper of an enigma among the galactic intelligence community, sometimes regarded as a hoax, sometimes thought to be a galaxy-shaping ploy and understood by all to be one of the most closely-guarded secrets in Mjolnir.

Even it's name was incredibly difficult to discover; it only showed up thanks to a coincidental decoding by UAFM intelligence operatives. A comm signal originating from somewhere in the Southern Rim, piggybacking on civilian comm traffic bound for the Northern Rim and Kitsune League territory, passed through an Alliance listening post, where one very observant technician noticed an odd pattern buried deep beneath the noise of generic extranet traffic.

The signal was copied and forwarded to NEDA cyrptoanalysts who, after two solid months of taking apart the signal, found only tidbits of information. Aside from the name, only slices of gibberish data were recovered, though several analysts noted that the encryption methods bore some resemblance to high-level New Ossyrian Military Intelligence communication encoding. Even with the similarities, the encryption was lightyears ahead of anything in use by modern militaries, even one as advanced as the NOR's.

Speculation on what exactly Phoenix Down is runs rampant among those few who know of it's existence. Many in NEDA believe it to be a black op run as part of the ongoing Southern Cold War, perpetrated by either the NOR or UFSR against the other, or possibly even against the Northern Rim powers. Lykofan origins have been proposed due to the proximity of Lykofos to the believed origin point of the transmission, though as to what purpose would be unclear. Still others have postulated that it may have in fact come from the North, or even from the League, and simply managed to disguise itself as being inbound when it was in fact outbound.

Though most powers would never know it, even the mighty intelligence network of the Travesti Dominion is unaware of Phoenix Down's true nature. They were not even aware of such an Operation, if that is truly what PD is, until their Alliance spies passed news of the discovery along to Dominion High Command. The Xenococcus Network has not assimilated even one individual with any more information on either the mystery transmission or Phoenix itself than what NEDA and other intelligence groups possess, indicating a level of counter-intelligence ability far beyond what the galaxy has ever seen by those behind the operation - if there truly are any at all.

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