Making all the goods you need, since you don't have the time.

–Slogan of the Orion Corporation

Orion Corporation
Money Matters.
Orion Corporation
Organizational Information
Ownership The Big Three
  • Mining
  • Lumber
  • HMVs
  • Arms
  • Defenses
  • Food Products
  • Medicine
  • Security
  • Contracting
  • Orion Medicine
  • Orion Mining Incorporated
  • Orion Motors
  • Orion Arms
  • Orion Space Program
  • Orion Engineering
  • Orion Culinary Institute
  • Orion Security Corps.
  • Aster Centre, New Reno, Vegas
  • Shooting Star Building, Amazonia, Congo
  • Centre of Celsetial Corporations, Vancouverton, New Victoria, Kahada System
  • Comet Centre, Vostria, Stalingrad
  • Supernova Building, Valour, Karsol
CEO Edward Thomas Caine
Historical Information
Founded 92 AF
Origin New Reno, Vegas
Founder(s) Edward Thomas Caine, André Michel Delaire, Ariadna Selvur Westorov
Active 92 AF - Present
OOC Information
First Appearance Rise 4: Hands of Fate
Creator Assassinfred

The Orion Corporation is a massive conglomerate of corporations consisting of several small sub-divisions that focuses on mining operations, military contracting, and HMV production, as well as several other components that it undertakes across the galaxy. Most of its revenue comes from mining and contracting, with the other subsidiaries acting as minor but still significant sources of income. Its main rival is Hayakawa Technologies, of which it has caught up to in a relatively short amount of time, and the two have been battling head to head for the top.



The Orion Corporation was formed by three big business bosses, a former Imperial, a Federate, and a Kahadan, across the galaxy after the fall of the Empire in 92 AF, as they saw it as a way to gain significant control across the now government-less worlds. To keep themselves afloat, they served as a contracting and mining company selling their services and resources to factions across the galaxy. They originally distributed medical aid and food to these worlds, acting as a charity organization to gain their trust and helping to form governments on these worlds, giving them an economy and monopolizing the worlds. It worked wonders, and their sales skyrocketed, putting them in competition with the top corporations in the galaxy.

Despite Orion having monopolized sales across several worlds, its biggest income still comes from its mining and contracting services, which account for approximately 85% of the company's total income. After its foot was through the door, it established its headquarters on the planet that simply made the most sense: Vegas, opening up branches elsewhere in the later years.

Mining and contractingEdit

Breaking into the weapons sceneEdit

Project UrsusEdit

Mining Operations on CongoEdit

Encountering the natives of CongoEdit

Meeting "Jack"Edit

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