Peregrine Dropship
Peregrine Dropship
Federate Dropship


Heavy dropship


Northern Federation


  • 40cm Titanium Alloy plating
  • Olympiad Re-Entry shielding



  • 6 60MM Machine Guns
  • 4 Countermeasure Launching systems


  • Heavily Armoured Orbit-to-Surface transport
  • Capable of transporting a wide variety of vehicles, HMVs, and infantry
  • Capable of Re-Entry or Rapid Re-Deployment


  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot
  • 6 Technicians
  • 5 Drop Crew



Planetary (Re-Entry capability)

In Service

73 AF - Present

Background InfoEdit


The Peregrine Dropship got it's start from unarmed freighters carrying supplies and traded goods between worlds and from larger ships. It was also a favourite of smugglers and drug-runners in it's early days.

However, when the Golek attacked in 73 AF at the start of the Xeno-Federation War, the Northern Federation military quickly realized that they needed a faster, more effective way of deploying ground troops and relocating a large amount of forces. Taking the basic designs of the freighters, they contracted a new aircraft that was capable of re-entry and that could carry a large amount of cargo.

While the base design remained relatively the same to the cargo ships of which the design was inspired, the Peregrine underwent heavy modifications from the original design and ended up looking more like a scratch build than a conversion. Now armed with much heavier armour and six 60mm machine guns, the Peregrine was ready for the field, under the designation AV-612 Peregrine Heavy Dropship.


The Peregrine is a heavy dropship meant to rapidly deploy and re-deploy a large amount of forces across the battlefield. With a large cargo capacity and being large enough to transport everything from infantry to tanks, it is an effective dropship, especially when combined with it's re-entry capability, allowing it to transport undeployed forces still on Navy vessels to the battlefield.


Armed with six 60mm machine guns, the Peregrine is decently armed to help safely deliver it's cargo before going back and picking up a new group of units.

Speed and DefensesEdit

With a top speed of 185km/h while in atmosphere, the Peregrine is effective at safely deploying ground forces across the battlefield. It's biggest asset, however, is its 40cm Titanium Alloy plating, allowing it to sustain all but the heaviest firepower and safely deploy the ground forces housed inside. It is also equipped with Olympiad Re-Entry shielding to make it even tougher to take down as well as countermeasure systems. All of this combined almost guarantees ground forces to be deployed safely.

Service and RepairEdit

With expensive, fleet-grade armour and shielding, the Peregrine can be difficult and expensive to repair. the Titanium alloy plating it is serviced with is difficult to manufacture and expensive to produce while its shielding is complex and expensive and requires well-qualified technicians to repair. However, thanks to the defensive systems Peregrines have, it isn't very often that one needs to get serviced or repairs as it is designed to take even the toughest of beatings to deploy it's ground forces and still come back unscathed.

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