Praetorian Side Concept
Praetorian Recon Vehicle
Class Armoured Car
Manufacturer Karsol Defense Industries
Affiliation(s) Karsian Military
Active 75AF-Present
Technical Specifications
  • Driver
  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Radio/Sensor Operator
Propulsion V-212 Special
Range 800km
Combat Systems
Armor 30mm-80mm Karsian Composite Plating
Anti-Infantry Weaponry
  • 8.63mm LMG
Anti-Vehicular Weaponry
  • 50mm High-Velocity Cannon
  • 180mm WGKF Launcher(Tank Hunter Variants)
  • SAM System(Prowler Variant)
Other Combat Systems DET-65 Sensor Suite
OOC Information
Creator mirage

The Praetorian is a fast-moving armoured car that acts as a scout for Karsian ground forces, capable of traversing most terrain with enough armour to survive contact with enemy forward elements. With its main armament, the 50mm, the Praetorian is also effective at destroying other scouting units that it should come upon.

Background InformationEdit


The Praetorian was developed in 75AF as a patrol vehicle for military bases in service to the Karsian Military. Eventually it found its way into direct military service thanks to its speed and amphibious qualities.

As it began to find itself entering more combat zones, the vehicle was armed with a high-velocity 50mm gun designed to tackle other vehicles it may encounter. It also began to recieve new adaptations to allow it to provide AA support or tackle enemy heavy vehicles from afar.


The Praetorian is a scout vehicle that is capable of providing fire support against certain targets depending on its configuration. Equipped with powerful scanning equipment that can pick-up targets cloaked either by optical camoflauge or radar-masking material, the Praetorian still excels at its original role of base security.

The vehicle, when not on patrol duties, is also tasked with running down and destroying other scout forces thanks to its heavier armour and armament.


Praetorians are commonly armed with the 50mm high-velocity cannon. The most common shells lack an explosive core, instead trading it out for a harder casing and more propellant to allow the weapon to destroy light and even medium armour that it encounters. With high-velocity, good accuracy, limited recoil and capable of one-hundred twenty rounds per minute, very few armoured scouts can survive contact with the Praetorian.

More intense armour conflicts usually see Praetorians being equipped with the WGKF(Wire Guided Kinetic Focused missile) Launcher which fires missiles that rely solely on sheer kinetic force to destroy targets; though, the vehicle must stop to fire these and only carries two missiles in total, their ability to penetrate most objects is not to be underestimated. These have been known to also be effective against structures by tearing through multiple support beams with a single missile.

For self-defense, the Praetorian has a 8.63 MG-105 as a coaxial.

Defense and SpeedEdit

The Praetorian is lightly-armoured, only enough to shrug off small-arms and light-calibre autocannons relying on distance and speed to remain safe during fire-fights. To give it additional protection, Karsian crews often add additional plates when they are expected to enter combat that have become military-standard. 

The vehicle itself is capable of 175km/h on favourable conditions and has moderate manueverability at its highest speed. In water its speed is reduced to 90km/h.

Service and RepairEdit

Praetorians are easy to service thanks due to their design that strays away from complexity unlike most Karsian vehicles and their general cheapness in manufacturing costs. Spare parts are readily available for use and damage plates easily removed.

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