Assault Variant



Lost Children PMC




  • Adaptability
  • Piloting Ease






  • Rapid Change
  • Varied Offense/Defense

Color Scheme

Black, Yellow, Green (Lost Children)

The QU-Shu is the default mecha for each soldier within the Lost Children PMC, given from initiation and forever the pilots (though a pilot who can buy another mecha is always permitted.) It's ability to swap out easily deployable kits and parts allows the team to change combat tactics, midfight. Due to vastly different appearances of each QU-Shu HMV, the only rule for the Lost Children is a visible logo somewhere on the chasis.

Origins and HistoryEdit

When Sabishii Okaasan founded the Lost Children, the woman used her vast fortune to acquire blueprints from hidden sources. One stolen set of plans called for a line of HMV's with parts that could be altered right in between battles. Okaasan used her power to have enough prototypes built for the first generation of her child-mercenaries to train with.

Each mecha proved its worth and pilots were given free range to change their mecha with proven skills. Stealth pilots opted to lose armor in favor of jumpjets or weak cloaking devices and swap their weapons for sniper rifles. Demolitions exchanged their parts for heavier armor, missile packs, and launchers. Soldiers would often trade parts in between battles just to confuse enemies with unpredictable tactics.

Weapons and AttachmentsEdit

The sheer versatility of the QU-Shu Mk.III offers almost infinite combinations of what parts can be equipped for a mission. Examples include:

  • Shoulder-Mounted Launchers
  • Flamethrowers
  • Jump Jets
  • Energy Shielding
  • Heavy Armor
  • Ripper Energy Blades
  • Assault Cannons
  • Wrist-Mounted Laser Cannons
  • Back-Mounted Rocket Pods
  • Dozer Shield
  • Blast Variant Headpiece


All Lost Children QU-Shu mechas begin with the default chasis. Later the pilot is allowed to use any of the hundreds of thousands of combinations possible to build a better load-out. Below are some of the more common variants chosen.

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