Common Ralitk mercenary




6' - 7' 6

Skin color

Beige - orange - brown

Species type

Humanoid insect

An insect-like race, neighbor to the Dharung . They inhabit the arid and dry Varwo.

The specie is now almost extinct, having fought a losing war for Varwo against the Empire . They scattered outside of Imperial Space. Some sought protection from the Hydra League, offering themselves as mercenaries, others prefered to turn their back to the war and extinction and populated the Kahada System, a place where they were not persecuted.


Due to the death world they lived on, most of their society was built around the hunt and war for ressources. This made most of them warriors. When the Empire arrived in the Ru-Ko system, the Ralitk fought with all the strenghts they had, while their neighbors the Dharung almost immediatly sold Trybio to the Humans in exchange of knowledge and foreign technology.

When a last resort attack would have destroyed the species, they chose to flee before it was too late for their people. Most of them lost hope in their future, turning to mercenaries mostly fighting against the Empire and waiting for an honorable death at some point, as their end has been decided.

Notable membersEdit

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