[[|px]] dirty, death regurgitates ‘em.
Red Riders Private Army
Historical Information
Origin A planet to the far West of the galaxy known as ‘Dust’
Location Planet Dust
Time Active Roughly 86 AF - Present
Organizational Information
Faction Type Mercenary Army
Form of Government Monarchy
Headquarters Planet Dust
Population Infinite
Leaders Ghost Rider ‘Prime’
Military Information
Military Branch Red Riders Private Army
Military Strength Unlimited manpower
Military Headquarters Planet Dust
Military Leaders Ghost Rider ‘Prime’
Allied Factions Whoever pays
Neutral Factions Most of the galaxy
Enemy Factions Whoever doesn’t pay
OOC Information
Creator Burger Warrior

The Red Riders Private Army was founded by the infamous mercenary Ghost Rider before his involvement with the Axel’s actions and the Paladins. Why he didn’t have his first few followers come with him into battle is unknown and under some debate; probably because they all looked, sounded, and acted alike, and Ghost didn’t want to arouse suspicions of any kind. Unfortunately, he was pitted up against suicidal odds repeatedly, and so the secret that he had a cloning machine rapidly leaked, though it’s location remained unknown. To most, at least.

At any rate, after the Battle of Homeworld, Ghost Rider set up a base on Dust, a remote planet to the solar west. There, his forces began to rapidly grow in number, rising from a handful of elite agents, mainly trained in subterfuge, to billions of well-equipped soldiers. Apparently, Rider’s cloning machine clones money, too, though he’s been careful not to spark heavy inflation, and so came up with the Private Army idea. At first, his low prices were seen as suspicious, but with increased Travestii activity, cheap, well-trained and well-equipped soldiers were in high demand.

On the side, Ghost Rider has also been using his older, sneakier versions of himself to keep tabs on prototype technologies, apparently searching for a specific device in particular, but asl nabbing what tech he can. Thus, his soldiers are occasionally seen wielding weapons that can easily outmatch Travestii technology, though such armaments tend to explode in their owner’s hands at the worst of times. The Red Riders also have a small fleet of strike cruisers and frigates to get them into the latest battle zone, not to mention these vehicles are also riddled with high-tech surprises.

Even more worrying, is that Ghost Rider seems to have a scientific division of his own. Why some of his clones decided to pull on lab coats is hard to tell, but they seem to have had a gratifying amount of success in finalizing some stolen prototypes. It is rumored Rider is trying to get one of his clones to learn enough that he can infiltrate the Travestii Dominion’s Circle of Mars.

However, when it comes to the equipment of the rank-and-file, not to mention the HMVs used by the Red Riders Private Army, Ghost turns to normal arms dealers to equip his men.

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