A single piece of Izo is worth ten thousand lives easy.
Ryders Land Planet resource by Mr Frenzy
Minerals comes at a price.


17,300 kilometers

Length of Day

23 hours

Length of Year

350 days


.9 atm








  • 009_SIRI
  • 650_EVE



Reegar is a planet in the far off Ryder system which shares a simple solar system as well as having two satellites that revolve in a constant horizontal pattern. A particularly uninteresting planet save for the fact that it can contain and nourish carbon based life forms. Reegar is currently undergoing a clan based war for control over territory. A war for natural resources fueled by humanity's need for izocarbonate, a mineral that fuels large military vessels.


The planet of Reegar is originally a planet designated a Hermit Kingdom, or in terms easier to understand, a prisoner planet. Quarantined long ago by Tessician orbital laser systems back in the early ages, only Tessicians were allowed to dump their prisoners as well as the prisoners from other planets. The prisoners were left on the planet to fend for themselves. To prevent escape the Tessicians created the orbital defense/offense network of orbiting lasers and anti-vessel weapon systems. However, after the mysterious disappearance of the Tessicians from their world of Tessik the orbital weapon systems fell into decay eventually crashing down onto the planet. The population of the planet adopted the satellites into their own weapons to defend, but usually to kill one another in bloody wars of attrition.

When it was discovered that izocarbonate plotted the planet's crust, the population of the planet fought one another for control over the valuable minerals. Contractors from the various companies that use the minerals entered the planet's orbit around 50 AF. Many thought the revenue from the minerals would improve the standard of living. But it had the opposite effect. The war ravaged the land displacing the residents and creating more grief than before.

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