That is the biggest god damn ship I have ever laid my sorry eyes on. I feel sorry for any unlucky son of a bitch dumb enough to engage that big motherfucker.

–Unknown source.

SFS Big Brother
Daniel 01




5,245 metres


3.5 metres Tyran-F4 Battleplate.


  • Mark IV Magnetic Accelerator Cannons (8)
  • Lincoln-class nuclear missiles (10)
  • Sierra-Foxtrot Missiles (540)
  • M90 Ship to ship missiles (480)
  • 76BRAVO Plasma Torpedoes
  • Ares Missile pods (350)
  • 8x 50mm point-defense autocannons (800)
  • H.M.V launchers
  • OADP launchers


Battle Group Commander Sarah Matthias


(See Compliment)





Mark IX Berlin-Takahashi (#2847-ALPHA/BRAVO-77D

The SFS Big Brother (BTS-075) is a vessel commissioned into the United Federation of the Southern Rim Navy in 99 AF as a superlcass vessel. A monster demonstrating the pinnacle of technology and strength, the SFS Big Brother was designed to become a mobile base of sorts. Using recovered technology from the Empire as well as Ossyria and Tyrus, few vessels can match Big Brother's strength.


Armed to the teeth with the latest weapons and armour from both Ossyria and Tyrus as well as technology developed under the newly formed banner of the UFSR, the SFS Big Brother has scored multiple kills in the name of the southern superpower. The magnetic accelerator cannons are located on all sides of the hull from top to bottom using 12 cm kinetic depleted uranium rounds. The Mark IV is capable of firing the slugs at .7 gigajoules of kinetic energy. Typically operated in the vacuum of space, the Mark IV takes twenty seconds to cool down. However, when operated in atmosphere, the Mark IV takes fifteen minutes to cool off using a special mixture of a mineral fluid compound.

The point-defense turrets are mainly used in close quarters combat with enemy vessels to fighting smaller attack craft. The main weapons used by the 76BRAVO plasma torpedoes which are capable of melting hulls one metre at a time.


The ship is the size of a small city, it is no wonder that the SFS Big Brother houses an entire unit of marines unique to its own. Complete with it's own armour and cavalry units, the SFS Big Brother is pretty much a floating forward operating base as well as a staging area. The vessel currently houses the newest and the best of the UFSR's warfare units.

The ship houses BCT 1 of the 11th Infantry division, the 8th armoured, and the 7th aviation brigade.

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