An old man in a changing galaxy.
SS Kasmond
Class Converted Colony Ship
Role Mining Vessel
Manufacturer Darius Co. Engineering
Captain Natalya Mikalovich
Affiliation(s) Independent
Active 3105 AD - Present
Technical Specifications
Hull 1 Meter Custom Plating
Length 1156 Meters
  • KRN-5 Sublight Engines (4)
  • HTID-568 Hyperdrive
Range Galactic
Power Systems Patchwork of various generator types
Personnel ~500
Support Craft 4 Mining Scowls
OOC Information
Creator Akira

The SS Kasmond is one of the smallest colony ships that left Earth in the early 3100s, now converted into a mining vessel operating in the Northern Rim. A long and storied vessel, the Kasmond has been a refuge for both poor Russian farmers fleeing Earth's destruction and devout Catholics fearing Soviet rule, and happens to be the birthplace and childhood home of Alliana Wastia, a member of Axel Erachin's legendary gang. 



The Kasmond was constructed as the last charitable act of Arthur Darius, the philanthropic owner of a starship manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. Knowing his health was too poor to survive a trip across galaxies and that his company would be destroyed with the planet's fall, he ordered four colony vessels be built with their remaining resources and used to haul those who could not afford passage to the new galaxy otherwise. The Kasmond was the vessel assigned tp pick up 500 randomly selected farmers from the Russian countryside and transport them away from Earth in 3105 AD, trailing behind the colony vessels built and launched by Earth's governments.

Early MjolnirEdit

In 6 AF the Kasmond stumbled upon Trevich, a small world in the Northern Rim devoid of valuable minerals by covered in nutrient-rich, well-saturated farmland and large forests of strong, fast-growing trees similar to old Earth oaks. With the majority of the ship's poor inhabitants being devout Russian Orthodox Catholics used to brutal seasons with little crop, the colonists declared this planet a gift from God and immediately set about settling it. The Kasmond was restricted to being an early base once it landed planetside, sheltering the colonists for the first year until they had built sufficient wooden housing for the population.

By 15 AF the vessel had gone silent, converted into a large solar energy planet used to provide power to the village that had formed around it's coastal landing site. Content with their simple existence and willingly limiting their reproduction to keep the population small and peaceful, the settlers became perhaps the only group of humans in the galaxy truly happy with their state of life. Occasionally trading ships would stop by, bartering the surplus crops of the Trevich's bountiful harvests for the tools and components needed to keep their minimal electronics functioning. News of the chaos and general unpleasantness in the rest of the galaxy only affirmed their belief that God had set aside this small, isolated place for his faithful followers to be safe and secure in.

Soviet Threat and DislocationEdit

Nomad MiningEdit

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