Seraphim Worldship
Light-of-the-Lost, Seraph Capital


Planetary Substitute


>200 Kilometers (Varies from ship to ship)


Varies, constructed of unique alloy




>50 Million




  • UAFM
  • Seraphim




  • Gravitational Wells
  • Hyperspace Core

Design HistoryEdit

The old Seraphim Empire planned to use the Worldships as weapons of war in their conquest, but they never fully finished their construction. They were used to house the surviving population of the Empire during the Fall-From-Grace.

Currently, only twelve of the original Worldship fleet remain, as construction of additional Worldship is a near-impossible task given the current state of the Seraphim.

The Ascended IntellectsEdit

Unlike human spacecraft, and indeed, almost all modern Mjolnian ships, the Worldships are completely maintained by near-omniscient A.Is. Surprisingly, none of these A.Is have every gone rogue throughout the entirety of Seraphim recorded history.

The true origins of these 'Ascended Intellects', as the Seraphim have dubbed them, lies once again in the distant past of the Fall-From-Grace. With the Worldships unfinished and their designers dead, the few who still knew how they actually worked feared for the future of their race. Not trusting the memories of their descendants, the Few turned to the alternative: Immortality. Of a sorts. Plugging themselves directly into the Worldships, they became the Galaxy's first biological computers.

Time, however, proved not to be so merciful. Eventually, their own self-identity began to fade, their bodies having crumbled long ago. The line between Seraphim mind and Worldship faded, until both became indistinguishable. The Few would forever be bound to their Worldships. However, most viewed it as a chance to watch over their descendants forever, rather than some form of eternal purgatory.

Even today, the Ascended Intellects are, if not worshipped, at least venerated by the Seraphim as great prophets of the gods. Even their leaders occasionally turn to their timeless intellect for council.

List of WorldshipsEdit

Many A.Is remained their Worldships after their own names were lost. Today, only twelve remain, most having been lost to the millions of years.

  • Light-of-the-Lost (Acting Capital of the Seraphim)
  • Sweet-Honey-Song
  • Perhaps We Should Consider Negotiations
  • Passive Aggressive
  • Winds-of-Infinity
  • Unlikely Savior
  • Target of Compromise
  • Negotiations? What Negotiations? (Formerly Introducing Retribution)
  • Voice-From-On-High
  • General Feeling Of Satisfaction
  • Event Horizon (Currently orbiting Ossyria following Reclaimation War)
  • Word-of-The-Above

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