Robot metal tutorial by neisbeis-d3bxnmk
Warriors for a Forgotten Cause.



Avg. Height

213 cm (7 ft)



After arriving into the Mjolnir system, the second exile vessel crash landed on an asteroid located in what is referred to as the 'Pacific'. Exile mastermind and general Suliman saw a need to protect the vessel from intruders. Thus, Suliman created the Shells. Lifeless automated soldiers under complete control by Suliman. So far, Shells have not been sighted outside the unknown located of the second exile vessel.


Ventriloquist Suliman, the ranking exile commander left, is the remaining exile of such a high position. The second exile vessel, Followers of a New Beginning, was lead by Suliman in the hopes of leading its men and women into a new existence. Following the eventual crash landing on Asteroid 559-DELTA, Suliman was the only exile to awaken. The rest of the occupants in the stasis pods were still frozen in a frozen slumber. An error in the computer terminal caused the pods to be kept in a permanent state of slumber until the proper codes can be entered into the terminal, something which Suliman lacks.

In order to protect the asteroid and the ship from unwanted visitors, Suliman used the vessel to create empty bodies, Shells, in order to defend the area. Shells are pretty much lifeless automated armoured bodies that answer to Suliman only. The combat styles of the Shells depend upon the situation.

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