The Space-cities are the largest Goleroid starships and among the largest artificial constructs in the galaxy, outclassed only by Seraphim worldships and largest of space stations. Unlike space stations, the space-cities are mobile and heavily armed and armoured, making them as well one of the strongest warships to face.

For Goleroids it also serves as their cities (as the name implies), where new Goleroids are assembled, most of their factories and laboratories are located there, and serves as headquarters for large fleets and armies of the Machinocracy in their territory.


Space-City VersionsEdit


R.U.R.-type Space-City
Class Super-Dreadnought & Mobile space-city
  • City
  • Heavy Frontline Naval Combat
  • Mobile Military Operations Base
  • Mobile Shipyard & Factory
Affiliation(s) Goleroid Machinocracy
Active 98 AF - Present
Technical Specifications
Length cca. 9 kilometers in diameter
Range Galactic
Combat Systems
  • Tens of millions of Citizens
  • 500,000 - 800,000 Troopers
OOC Information
Creator V.Metalic


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