Space Whale
Space Whale1
Kiss me


Galaxy Core


Beyond the Impossible



Level danger

Variable, usually high




Space emptiness

Weak Point


AKA Hahku'nahl to the Star Group. they are large creatures floating in the seemingly endless and cold spaces. Despite not behind even closely related to Earth's whales, or next to any creatures ever encountered, they were named the same because of their size and their eating habits, which was keeping their mouth open and absord rocks and shipwrecks. They are also said to consume elements within the nebulas

Their size vary from an average cruiser to a space station. None young was ever found, and none were killed. Some theories even say these creatures cannot die, and they just live endlessly, consuming energies found everywhere.

They are also the only known creatures, or things, able to survive into a black hole and go through and back without suffering any damage. Theorists are agreeing it may allow them to travel within the galaxy at great speeds. Despite the average mass of a blackhole, they cannot go near a planet, otherwise they'll crash. This as yet to be explained, but some thinks it may be because they live off matter and anti-matter at the same time, making them unreal space faring monsters.

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