Words cannot describe the harsh conditions of Stalingrad. It is cold, very cold, and covered by ice. Hell, most of the planet hasn't even been developed due to the cold. One thing I can tell you, though, the people of Stalingrad are hardy. They know how to survive in the harshest conditions. In fact, they've learned to thrive in it. Make a living in it. Let me tell you, few people can survive the conditions those of Stalingrad live everyday.

Grigori Vladerov, on Stalingrad.

Under ice and snow


14,546 km (9,038.5 mi)

Length of Day

26 Hours

Length of Year

320 Days


1 atm





  • Democratic Republic (Before 36 AF)
  • Communist (36 AF - 57 AF)
  • Democratic Socialist (Current)


  • Aleksandr
  • Igorek


Stalingrad is a planet in the Northern Rim, and is one of the major worlds in the Northern Federation. The motto of the planet, "under ice and snow" suits the world well as it is the only ice world in the Northern Rim. Stalingrad is in the farthest orbit from the twin stars in the Northern Rim, which is why the planet is entirely covered in ice. Stalingrad is famous for it's climate as well as military prowess, as it is the birthplace of the iconic Federation Snipers. It was at one point also the capital of the Union of Soviet Systems before the Great Northern War came to a close and Communism crumbled. It's capital city is Vostria.


Stalingrad's surface is entirely covered in ice, due to it's distance from the twin stars. The planet is infamously cold, with a lowest recorded temperature of the planet reaching -87 Degrees Celsius. However, the people of Stalingrad have grown accustom to the cold temperatures and create their own clothing to help combat the cold. Despite the purpose of the clothing being to keep a being warm, it has become popular in the fashion industry across the entire Federation as well as had a Lykofian buyer or two. It has also been adopted into the military when undergoing operations in ice worlds. Temperatures on Stalingrad are almost always below 0 degrees Celsius and the surface is entirely covered with ice and snow. This makes it an ideal location for training the military for cold weather operations. What little of it's surface isn't snow is city, though Stalingrad has much fewer, more heavily populated cities than most other planets in the Federation, and has very little rural areas.

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