A very recent sub-group of HMVs created during the Reclaimer war, but with few real battlefield use. Super-HMVs are rare and overspecialized because of their high-cost and size. S-HMVs are easy to recognize, as their size is up to five time a standard HMV, and their movements are slower. The crew is usually the smallest possible, with some S-HMVs that require only one pilots.

The most well-known S-HMVs are the Jotun and Demented, which are piloted by Karl Vladick and Earl James respectively. During the war the Empire tried to create more standardized S-HMVs, smaller than the Jotun, which would serve as army pillars on the battlefields. These were the DS and ES, standing for "Defense Smasher" and "Earth Shatterer". They saw limited use, as they weren't properly suited to fight against armies. The Defense Smasher proved too slow, but quite well armored with plates of steel serving as shields, but with powerful weaponry. The Earth Shatterer was a better deal, even though it was larger and heavier than the Defense Smasher.

Some independent industries tried to create their own S-HMVs after the war, mostly to cash on the recent scare of the Travesti's Fortresses. These were the S-HMV Life Ripper, the Siege-class S-HMV and the Tank Buster. The Life Ripper was the most well armed, but also the most expensive of all three. The Siege-class required too many specialized engineers and the Tank Buster was deemed too slow and large, serving mostly as a mobile defense point, with his high durability and anti-air weaponry as its main selling point.

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