In the galaxy full of superpowers that wages wars all across, it is natural that each faction invests in the development of devices that are more than regular weapons, that can cause destruction on massive scale, and everyone is uncertain just by the existence of these superweapons. To this category counts weapons, installations, space vessels but also even a microscopic machines and viruses. Everything that can operate on large scale, capable of turning the tide of the battle, or war, in your favor.

Goleroid MachinocracyEdit

  • Defensor-class SHMV - The Super HMV designed by Goleroids as "peacekeepers", imposing fear and repulse the incoming attack just by their presence. Armed to the teeth with the latest weapons the Machinocracy designed and equipped with the strongest shields and materials, Defensors are considered true "army killers".
  • Void Axiom Blaster - Cannon of unknown origin, Void Axiom Blaster can be said to be "ultimate weapon" as it is able to produce any kind of energy and particles of so-far-unreached unlimited quantity which can be released in many forms. The weapon is 700 meters long and mounted to Colbert-class battleship Crossbeam.


New Ossyrian RepublicEdit

United Federation of the Southern RimEdit

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