The H.M.V. known as the Syn

The Syn is an H.M.V. operated by Takeo Saisumi. The mech is fit for extreme close-quarters-combat, an immense amount of armor for defensive purposes, and jumping/gliding capabilities for mobility.


Built by the infamous Kosuna Industries, Syn was a top secret project contracted by Slither Kosuna himself. The finest quality of metals and the best of human engineers focused on the H.M.V. for years before properly manufacturing what could be called the "master of CQC."

Pushing the boundaries of a mech's mobility without costly additions like large thrusters for flight, the point of the design was to see how far a company could build a mech with great offense, decent defense, and good mobility. The machine lacked in long-range combat and couldn't fly, but with it's multitude of other features, it really didn't need them. It was supposedly a weapon being built to take out the Empire's top weapons-builder Decel Erachin and his defense systems on planet Factory.

After being tricked by Slither Kosuna, the head of the company, Takeo broke out of prison, killed his way to Slither himself, beat him in a combat duel, and stole the Syn as his prize. Syn has been Takeo's trademark H.M.V. ever since, and has been used to, ironically, work for and defend Decel Erachin. The project had just been fully finished when Takeo escaped the prison and hijacked it.


The six bladed-wings on the Syn's back provide intense close quarters combat, eviscerating nearly anything that

Syn's gatling gun

gets close enough to the mech in a fury of stabs and slashes. They each are so sharp that a finger touching the side of the blade would get a small cut, no matter how softly they touched it. In it's right hand, the Syn carries a gatling gun, meant for it's mid to close-range targets, with a great amount of ammo stored on the side of the gun itself.

Special AttributesEdit

Able to fold it's six wings around the cockpit when in danger of high impact, explosive, or a large blast, the Syn can protect it's pilot from much harm, though must be manually activated into defense mode to do so. The wings were also built for the purpose of climbing swiftly due to the lack of flight capabilities, and when in higher areas, the wings shift downwards and fold together to allow the mech to glide. Aside from protecting itself, shredding opponents, climbing quickly, and gliding with it's wings, they also give Syn great jumping capabilities. Stable, weaker jetboosters allow him to keep from crash landing everytime the machine makes a landing from his glides or his massive jumps. The mech is able to use it's wings and stable jetboosters along with superior hydraulic technology in the legs to send it flying up in the atmosphere for it to latch onto either an enemy, catch a stable structure to climb, or even just to glide.

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