T-Series Blue Bonnet Interceptors
Fast, silent, deadly.




Royal Ossyrian Military


Varies Between Vehicles


Varies Between Vehicles


  • Pilot
  • Co-Pilot


  • Royal Ossyrian Military
  • Grand Ossyrian Navy


Limited (Space Capable)



The T-Series Blue Bonnet aircraft are three separate interceptors used from 69 AF to 87 AF. The Blue Bonnets are tasked with defending Ossyrian interests from the airspace, space stations, civilian/military centres, and even vessels from enemy missiles and projectiles. Relying on speed, the vessels are able to react quickly to any situation and return to base to set up another mission. Because of their dependence on speed and maneuverability, the armour is very light. The Blue Bonnet interceptors are not meant to go toe to toe with enemy aircraft, rather, to be able to disable aircraft long enough to escape.


T5 evr wakizashi by karanak-d5c4em6
The Wakizashi is an interceptor made specifically to deploy in small units to take on larger missiles to plasma torpedoes launched from enemy vessels. The Wakizashi uses the standard M16 Fetcher is a five barreled hydraulically driven 30mm rotary cannon. The M16 Fetcher cannon is typical armament in both defensive and offensive fixed wing aircraft in the Ossyrian military. What sets the Wakizashi apart from the other Blue Bonnet vehicles is that the Wakizashi is typically deployed with galactic ranged vessels for defense and, if resources are limited, fast acting fighter defense. However, the interceptor excels in combating large missiles and nuclear warheads.

The Tracker pods are missiles engineered solely to track and destroy enemy plasma torpedoes. Because plasma torpedoes reply on a pinched magnetic field generated by an enemy vessel, plasma torpedoes are highly deadly and accurate. Tracker missiles are designed to create a larger magnetic pulse to disrupt the torpedo's trajectory. A capacitor bank discharges into an explosively pumped flux compression generator. A high explosive in the missile causes the generator to compress the magnetic flux. A powerful EMP is generated which disrupt the torpedo, causing it to dissipate in space. A total of six tracker missiles are loaded into the Wakizashi. Besides those, there are four total four Aries missiles that are used mainly to destroy incoming missiles.

The Wakizashi is mainly limited to defense of the the orbital defense platforms and deep space vessels. Because of this, they have the ability to operate long periods of time in deep space as well as most atmospheres.


T5 id inquisitor by karanak-d5bmqee
The Inquisitor is the most curious of the Blue Bonnet series being solely used for atmospheric defenses. The Inquisitor has been produced with the abilities and the speeds to destroy and neutralize enemy vehicles, spy and seeker drones.


T5 trm sword by karanak-d5bvtt5

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