Second Battle of the Hell


The Hell, inside the Beast's Maw




  • Anihilations of the Empire's strenght of the Hell
  • The Hell becomes the command base of the Hellknights
  • Safe haven for mercenaries and criminals
  • Unification of the mercenaries

Factions involved

  • The Hellknights
  • The Empire

Military Strenght

  • Several Hellknights battleships and cruisers (15)
  • The Crossbones
  • 500 Hellknights soldiers
  • Dozens of Hellknights HMVs
  • Several HKs squadrons
  • The Hell's defense HMVs
  • The Hell's defense cruisers


  • Few Hellknights casulaties, heavily damaged ships and HMVs
  • Hell's forces destroyed

Also known under Second Battle of the Hell and Conquest of the Hell.  Not long after the Battle of Homeworld, the Hellknights stormed the place of their origin, Hell itself, deep in the Beast's Maw.

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