Atomsk Zenith


Royal Ossyrian Military


  • Armored Offense
  • Area Denial


  • Melee Combat
  • Twin Rocket Pods
  • Twin Rail Cannons
  • Twin Vulcan Cannons




  • Ranged Weaponry
  • Strength
  • Armor


32nd Ossyrian Mechanized Infantry

Tekkō-Gorira is an H.M.V operated by Atomsk Zenith, a soldier in the Royal Ossyrian Military, and part of the 32nd Ossyrian Mechanized Infantry The H.M.V. packs a powerful armament, which allows unparalleled battlefield chaos and destruction.

Origins and HistoryEdit

Throughout the Ossyrian conflicts, the nation called for a mecha that could absorb and return heavy amounts of damage. The Royal Ossyrian Military commissioned an H.M.V. after the Battle of Fairchild. The specs called for a larger mecha, with the ability to climb and access restricted territory, such as mountains and forests, while still being capable of holding off entire platoons with the standard armament.

Though it took multiple engineers and architects to finalize the design, the 'Iron Gorilla Mk. I' H.M.V. was established. Based off the classic image of gorillas, the mecha's strong back was capable of holding heavy weapons, while still retaining speed on the ability to move on knuckles. The prototypes were constructed, and first saw action in the Bay of Eagles invasion. Though two of the prototypes were destroyed, the remaining 3 went off to complete their mission.

Upgraded to 'Iron Gorilla Mk. II' for the Second Southern Territory War in 75 AF, the new line of H.M.V.'s proved their investment. Their abilities allowed easy flanking, explosive overkill, and combat in all terrains. The ability to entrench in favor of attaching more weapons at the expense of mobility allowed key points to be defended, while removing the weapons in favor of mechanical upgrades allowed the Iron Gorilla to perform search and rescue missions.

By the Fall of Ossyria, the Iron Gorilla was in its third phase, and almost a perfected machine.


Tekkō-Gorira (and Iron Gorilla HMVs) are renown for tremendous firepower, especially in the defensive market. Each Iron Gorilla features twin rocket pods (with payloads for other rocket types) and twin Vulcan assault cannons for anti-infantry. Tekkō-Gorira specifically carries twin-linked rail cannons as well for any possible HMV combat.

Special Attributes and EquipmentEdit

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