The Hellhound
The Hellhound


Patrol Cruiser


720 meters


1.5-2.5 meters


  • Multiple turrets (14)
  • Missile pods (8)
  • HMV launchers (8)




  • Passengers (215)
  • Crew (35)
  • HMVs (18)
  • Spacefighters (6)
  • Tanks (5)
  • Shuttles (2)
  • Transports (2)





  • FTL travel
  • Nuclear Fusion Reactor (4)
The Hellhound
Class Patrol Cruiser
Role The Hellknights' Capital Ship
Manufacturer The Empire
  • Earl James
  • Storyteller
  • Slice
Affiliation(s) The Hellknights
Active 89AF
Technical Specifications
Hull 1.5 to 2.5 meters
Length 720 meters
Range Galactic
Power Systems 4 Fusion Reactors
Combat Systems
OOC Information
First Appearance Madness From Hell
Creator The Unknown

The patrol cruiser stolen by the Warriors while escaping the Hell. Later renamed the Hellknights, they decided that Hellhound fitted well with the ship.


The Hellhound is very well armed for a ship of this size and use. Outfitted with several turrets on strategic locations over its hull, it can easily protects itself when attacked by same-size crafts or fighters. Its few missile launchers allow it to fight off heavily armored ships as well.

One of its advantages is the many HMVs pods under it, which can launch said mechs on a surface with ease without the risks of counterattacks. 250 persons can live in the ship at all time with no problems, allowing it to do rescue missions. Added to it two large shuttles and two transports, doubled with the HMV launchers, it can easily deploy soldiers and mobile units on a battlefield.

It can hold up to 18 HMVs. While restrictive, it allows it to engage enemies with a decent forces. The six spacefighters loaded in its two bays can also deliver strong aerial supports, and its five tanks capacities for heavier support on the battlefield, giving the Hellhound massive advances over most of the opponents it's set against.

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