Subject Identified as Mikalovich, Alliana retrieved from unregistered HMV. Model unknown, appears to be generic loader mech heavily worn and modified. Preliminary examination seems to indicate it should be non-functional; further investigation into how it continues to work recommended.

–-Imperial After-Action report

The charming Junker


Alliana Mikalovich


Hayakawa Mechanized Products


Anti-Mech Sniping


  • Long-Range Combat
  • Heavy Explosive Support


  • High-Impact Autocannons
  • Missile Launcher
  • Explosive Harpoons
  • .50 Cal Anti-Infantry Guns




  • Raw Power
  • Range
  • Damage

The Lord of the Artichokes, commonly referred to as Arty, is an HMV piloted by Alliana Mikalovich. Initially a loader mech used on board the SS Kasmond, the beaten old machine has been heavily retrofitted into an uncannily effective battle mech by it's mildly insane pilot.

Origins and HistoryEdit

Arty spent a long life as a simple cargo loading platform on the ship Ally spend her childhood traveling aboard, little more than an over-glorified old exoskeleton used to pick up heavy objects. The old boy was decommissioned and supposed to be sold for scrap when she was a teenager-after growing up watching him work dutifully, however, she simply couldn't let that happen. In a gracious move, the ship's captain let her keep the mech provided she spent her own hard-earned money and rations to get whatever she needed to restore him to working order. A fiery passion for tinkering on the big guy and keeping him retrofit with shiny new stuff yanked off downed mechs has proven to be the biggest stabilizing factor in her otherwise tumultuous life getting kicked around ships and merc crews for the mere offense of not being perfectly sane.


Mounted just above Arty's cockpit is a quad missile launched loaded with warheads composed of the same nasty homemade compound in Ally's buckshot. When those big boys aren't any good, the left side of her mech has two autocannons designed for long-range anti-armor warfare bolted on. Jury-rigged onto the left hull are her nastiest surprises, a series of six harpoons sharp enough to punch through weak armor before the explosives packed inside go off in a big ol' boom.

During the Battle of Factory, Ally made the emergency addition of a brand new high-calier gun turret for dealing with smaller targets such as infantry and the Hydra League's minature mechs.

Special AttributesEdit

Given her talent for anything to do with mathematics, Ally's been able to bust out some pretty impressive targeting algoritithms for her mech's computer-given at least three-3.0573 to be exact-seconds to acquire and a clear firing line, chances are things are going to die spectacularly when she pulls the trigger. Such lethalness has proved invauable in Alliana's constant role as a support pilot for other mechs taking the havy hits down in the trenches.

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