Phyrris Falls, 11/6/98 AF

The Phyrris Treaty marked the first official Mjolnian/Terran powers meeting since the Reclaimation War. It also marked the return of the Mjolnians to galactic politics since the Freedom War. The Treaty was conducted at Phyrris Falls, where the Travesti's last bastion was finally broken, driving the hostile creatures out of the North.

Despite the attempts of an unidentified terrorist group to disrupt procedures and the attempted assassinations of the Karsian and Alliance ambassadors, diplomatic relationships between the UAFM and the Northern nations were forged.


Ambassador Manuel prepares to meet Alliance Diplomats

In exchange for permission to establish a military base and embassy in Northern territory, as well as induction into the North Eastern Defence Act, the Alliance's advanced technology and scientific knowledge would be put to use in aiding the reconstruction of the worlds that suffered during the war. Trading Rights between the Alliance and the North was also discussed.

In addition, the newly commissioned Science Vessel David Attenborough, as well as invaluable intelligence of Travesti operations beyond the border, was gifted to the Karsian ambassador as a show of goodwill.

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