Walking Wounded
Knowledge, corrupted.
Walking Wounded
Class Research HMV, heavily adapted
  • Walking hospital
  • Anti-infantry
Manufacturer Unknown
Active  ?? - Present
Pilot Lucas Hawthorn
Combat Systems
Armor Heavy Durasteel Plating
Shields Medium Kinetic Barriers
Anti-Infantry Weaponry
  • Shoulder mounted Gatling gun
  • 2x claws for disembowelling and the like
Anti-Vehicular Weaponry
  • A bloody massive claw
Other Combat Systems
  • Short range boosters
  • Full diagnostics machines
  • Cryo tube for extreme injuries
  • Fully stocked medbay
  • Tea making facilities
  • A wine rack for those expensive Sauvignon Blancs
OOC Information
Creator Darkwoods

Origins and HistoryEdit

The Explorer class of HMVs were a small line produced during the better years of The Empire. They were created to investigate hostile enviroments and collect data on, among other things, the possibility of terraforming the world and settling Imperial citizens there. Though the production of the mechs was ceased after only a few years, several hundred were still employed by Imperial and freelance scientists across the galaxy, for both pure and morally-grey reasons. 

Originally, the Walking Wounded was called the Intrepid, stored at the science facility where Lucas worked on whatever dark and terrible secrets he worked on. However, after the closure of the base, Lucas stole the HMV, renamed it, added on a few more deadly, less scientific limbs and began to hire himself out as a mercenary medic, while still quietly working towards his dream of a human dominated galaxy.

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