A fighter lost within the fabric of space and time.
Tusco Keyes
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 29 AF (Disappeared 64 AF)
Birthplace Ossyria
Spouse(s) Amelia Keyes
Political Information
  • Soldier
Rank Major
Combat Information
Fighting Style Marksman
Combat Role Battalion Executive Officer
HMV Cyclops
OOC Information
First Appearance Rise 3
Last Appearance A Perfect World
Creator Klaykid

Tusco Keyes is a founding member of the 32nd Ossyrian Mechanized Infantry and has fought for Ossyria until his supposed demise in 64 AF. He is the father of Abraham Keyes, another member of the 32nd OMI, and is married to Amelia Keyes. Infamous within the ranks of the Ossyrian special forces, Tusco made friends with Dale Gettner and the two trained many recruits in H.M.V operations.


As with all Ossyrian special forces, Tusco Keyes's early life has been marked up and sealed away forever in the War Department. What can be rightfully assumed is that Tusco Keyes was born to the first batch of immigrants who arrived in Ossyria in 2 AF and that his ancestors originated from 'Texas'. An accident occurred during his time as Ossyrian infantry, a skirmish with Forge troopers that caused his left arm to be amputated and replaced.

Not much detail is know how Tusco was accepted into the Ossyrian Special Focres, but from accounts by the previously trained as well as a few lines from his friend Dale Gettner, Tusco was put in charge of training Ossyrians on how to properly used the newly developed Humanoid Military Vehicles from the Empire. He, along with Gettner, formed the 32nd Ossyrian Mechanized Infantry, a special forces heavy armoured infantry used for high risk operations.

32nd Ossyrian Mechanized InfantryEdit

After the ratification of the 32nd, the Ossyrian War Department immediately used the new unit for special operations that were too risky for a regular sized infantry unit. At the time, the 32nd was the size of a battalion. Equipped with the newest H.M.Vs at the time, the Cyclops Rapid Assault Platform, the 32nd was dropped into dangerous situations which the survival rate is too low for any normal unit.


Tusco was last seen fighting for Facility 12, the research centre for trans dimensional travel. It has been reported that the prototype TransSpace drive, the same technology used for Space Ports, had gone critical and exploded. Half of the facility disappeared along with half of the 32nd. In the remains was a giant hole, as if a god had taken a chunk out of the ground. His body was never found and he is presumed dead.

List of AppearancesEdit

  • Rise 3
  • A Perfect World

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