We're a bit alike, Mr Isaac Keyes. Both of our races are born to fight and left to extinction.

–Tyra to Isaac Keyes.

Reina prosthetics studies by tekka croe-d5it32p
The weakest link.
Biographical Information
Race Exile
Gender Female
  • Created 10,850 (Builder Timeline)
  • 10,775 (Exiled)
  • 37 AF (Mjolnir)
Spouse(s) Isaac Julius Keyes
Political Information
Affiliation(s) The Exiles
Occupation(s) Tech-Master
Combat Information
Fighting Style Stealth/Tech-Ops
Combat Role Communications and Technology Hacker
OOC Information
First Appearance A Perfect World
Last Appearance A Perfect World
Creator Klaykid

Tyra is a character who only exists in the story "A Perfect World" and is not considered canon to the Rise story line.

Tyra's DNA was taken from a human being in 10,850 (Builder Timeline). She was grown along with her brothers and sisters in a Builder facility and immediately trained into fighting a war unknwon to her. Along with the human race, Tyra lead a group of other Exiles against the World Eaters. An incident occurred during her augmentation process causing a rejection of many combat nanotrite machines in her body. Because of this, Tyra cannot form a Shell thus making her the weakest of her species.


Silent Whispers of a Forgotten WorldEdit

During the war with the World Eaters, Tyra was combat incapable despite her intended purpose for creation. But she wielded something stronger than muscle, her mind. Tyra acted as a dispatcher and controller for unmanned vehicles. Though her help saved many lives, Tyra was often the 'little sister' of the group of warriors. Unable to fight on the level of the Exiles, she has been outcast from many of the other members. Even at the time of her exile she preferred to stay by herself accepting jobs on the basis of nonphysical labour. Eventually, sick of society and the life of an unwanted veteran, she went along with the rest of the human Exiles. What was supposed to be an interesting new life turned into the same old routine as Tyra entered another galaxy filled with warfare.

List of AppearancesEdit

  • A Perfect World

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