Tokormal, sep'toshimal nak'to viokal.




From 4' to 10'

Species Type


A mysterious race that lives beyond the galaxy, the Ulraagi rarely make contact with other races. A highly intelligent and curious race, the Ulraagi only seek to improve their knowledge, experiment, and enhance their technology. They are completely neutral as they care not for the affairs of the galaxy. They will sell their technology to those with the resources they crave whether it be minerals, technology, or other species. With no sense of morality or 'humanity', the Ulraagi's experiments are needlessly cruel and insane involving augmenting beings with organic to mechanical parts, seeing how long a species can survive without certain organs, what species can survive in variable environments, how chemicals and elements react to certain species, etc...


The Ulraagi have been known to exist as long as the universe itself. An unknown party has exchanged an entire colony of Diablo for information, and through this it is now known that the Ulraagi's homeworld has been turned into a giant cocoon which is currently stationary in empty space. The Ulraagi has occasionally returned to the Mjolnir galaxy seeking specific materials as well as setting up a service to provide literally anything to those who have something 'interesting' to exchange.

Remnants of the Ossyrian 5th Intelligence and Reconnaissance has discovered that the Ulraagi have made a deal with the Tyrans giving them technology in exchange for Ossyrians in large numbers. Massive P.O.W camps have been turned into experiment labs on Ossyria after the Fall of Ossyria in 87 AF. Massive amounts of Ossyrians endured the horrors no human could think of. Genetic mutation, augmentation, gene splicing, anything the Ulraagi can think of.

Recent reports indicate that a mysterious insecticidal race have been purchasing human corpses. Specifically Ossyrian corpses. Because of this, the UFSR has tightened security around the Ossyria/Tyran airspaces, destroying any unidentified or permitted vessels that approach.

Visit to the GalaxyEdit

Novian corporate spies and scouts have spotted a planet sized cocoon entering Mjolnir space from the Southern Rim. Further attempts to evaluate what it is or why it appeared has returned inconclusive. Following the sighting of the suspected Ulraagi cocoon, a new species has been found all across the Mjolnir homeworlds.

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