"We are the lost and the outcast. We serve no master save for ourselves."

–Grand Headmaster Chiaki Hirano

The Ushinawa
Refuge of the Forsaken and the Hunted


Kitsune League


Unknown, Widespread


Chiaki Hirano (Grand Headmaster)

Alleged Headquarters


Official Language(s)

  • Galactic Standard
  • Japanese


With treachery and backroom politics rife within the Central Houses of the Kitsune League, there are many grunts that have the misfortune of being loose-ends that must be cut. Combined with traitors and collaborators undermining their superior’s influence and goals, the steady stream of outcasts from the League is enough for them to make a miniscule mercenary corp of their own. The ‘Ushinawa’ function much like a refugee camp, and are constantly on the move to avoid assassins from the Kitsune Houses while they rescue stragglers and outcasts, and incorporate them into their corps.

Their old weapons and armor are abandoned, and their mechs are altered in a ceremony where they officially renounce their oaths to their original House and take up the career of becoming a soldier of fortune. As such their mechs are usually fashioned to represent evil spirits and the like to portray just how renegade they’ve gone (I.E, total.) Commonly referred to as ‘Ronin,’ these expert HMV warriors are highly sought after. Their mechs are typically armed with a giant naginata or glaive upgraded with the most potent armor-piercing technology available. Combined with arm-mounted flamethrowers and other personal gear, each Ronin is a potent fighter that can rend armor and infantry alike at close-range.

It should be noted that a good portion of the Ushinawa are made up of spies and other operatives. For every few Ronin that go to fight in wars, an equal amount are hired for espionage and black operations.


United under the alleged ‘Kokuka’ (Or ‘Black Flower’), the Ushinawa is something more akin to a guild than a corp. Each Ronin operates on his or her own accord, though they live and train at Ushinawa camps, and as such a small portion of any recent contract they have completed is tithed to keep the guild functioning.

The more devoted are accepted into a trusted guard that operate, defend, and run these camps and barracks. They also act as a sort of military police and answer only to the Headmaster and any of his appointed lieutenants.



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