Void Axiom Blaster

Ammunition Type

• Energy weapon
• Particle weapon

Weapon Type

• Starship-mounted weapon
• Hand-held weapon


Goleroid Machinocracy


700 m

The Void Axiom Blaster, name designated by the ancient race of Jouu, is an ancient mysterious superweapon capable of projecting any kind of particle energy in any form, being capable of bypassing every defense it encounters if used by knowledgeable individual. Currently it is used by the Goleroid Machinocracy, mounted on the prow of their Colbert-class battleship Crossbeam. Goleroids are dubbing it "the Strongest Spear in the Universe".


The origin of this weapon is lost in the flow of time, thought its estimated its hundreds of thousands of years old, if not older.

The Jouu race found it and studied it for centuries, and only unveiling some of its capabilities. From their records during their extinction the Void Axiom Blaster was lost. Eventually it crashed on a uninhabited planet in the Western Rim where it was found thousands of years later by the Goleroids, identifying it from Jouu Data Modules they have acquired, and started studying it as well.

With its size and tactical importance, Void Axiom Blaster was mounted on Crossbeam, the Colbert-class battleship and designated to Goleroid space-city R.U.R. operation fleet.

Mechanics Edit

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