A Travesti warship above the streets of Amaterasu.
War of the Alliance
Date 128 AF - ??
  • Amaterasu
  • Numerous Southern Rim worlds
Commanders and Leaders
  • General Variag var Tryassick (Allied Forces Commander, Northeastern Theater)
  • Marshall Natla Vostroya (Allied Forces Commander, Southern Rim Theater)
  • General Amandine Graham (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, UFSR Armed Services)
  • Prime Control Unit RTK-839-X (Supreme Commander of the Goleroid Armed Forces)
  • Immortal Imperator of the Known Universe, Heir to the Gods, To Whom All Must Owe Fealty Jok-Kaadaash (Travesti Dominion Emperor)
  • Xenococcus-Cerebrax
  • All NEDA Member State Militaries (~50,000,000,000 Personnel)
  • Entire UFSR Military (Personnel Estimates Unknown)
  • All Goleroid Armed Forces (~800,000,000 Soldiers)
  • Travesti Hordes (Personnel Estimates Impossible due to cloning technology)

Considered one of the more devastating conflicts in the galaxy, the War of the Alliance was a galactic-wide conflict with heavy fighting happening particulary in the South and Eastern parts of Mjolnir. Known by many other names it is called the War of the Alliance due to the number of powers working together to push the threat of the Travesti back.



The catalyst had its beginnings in the Cold-war between the Travesti Dominion against the North Eastern Defense Act and the New Ossyrian Republic. While all sides were readying for war in the future, an cell from The Forgotten triggered the conflict in one fell blow. Having stolen WMDs from the NOR, these weapons were slipped through the Travesti's Shredder-Grid and detonated three out of the four Mikalovich Warheads, immediately destroying three Travesti worlds.

It was not long until the Travesti Dominion had recovered and readied itself for another invasion into Mjolnir with powers scrambling to ready for the inevitable onslaught.

Galactic ResponseEdit

Fearing another Travesti attack would tear deep into Alliance territory, the NEDA decided the best course of action was to hold the enemy back on Amaterasu to focus their forces and prevent their army from fighting on multiple fronts. Many non-NEDA would become involved, including the NOR as forces were hastily rushed to the front. This resulted in some forces being under-equipped and trained.

Amaterasu, however, would become a battle of attrition as the NEDA struggled to hold any ground on the besieged world, despite initial preparations. Over ninety-percent of the planet would be secured by Travesti ground forces while the space battle raged above.

Furthermore, in the South, the Travesti would reach Canaan, but rather than being greeted by major resistance, the NOR would detonate a Mikalovich Warhead, claiming many of the Dominion's troops. Despite these losses, the Travesti would take vengeance by calling upon reserves and launching another assault, this time among multiple worlds on the Southern Front, intent on establishing a beachhead in hostile territory.

Weakening of the North-Eastern FrontEdit

While Amaterasu and its surrounding systems were vital to keeping steady supply line for either, the Travesti Dominion did something unexpected. Using the months to probe the line of the Allied powers, the Travesti would strike into Federate territory with forces being on the outskirts of the Kars System and the Kahada Union.

Hoping to stop such a foothold, many Allied troops were re-directed, yet it also weakened the line on Amaterasu allowing the Travesti to regain their faltering foothold.

The Western FrontEdit

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