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They gave them to the bloody police of all people!




3.5 - 4 metres


1 - 2 metres


68 - 150 kg

Birth Type




Zealots are large reptilian animals native to Ossyria. A highly intelligent and territorial race of creature, zealots are considered to be forbidden pets for a time before researcher Dominic Chavez was able to domesticate a newborn 'pup'. In an attempt to conserve Ossyria's flora and fauna, the transportation of zealots has been outlawed since 56 AF. Before the Fall of Ossyria zealots have been employed in the Ossyrian Peace Corps in multiple units.


Zealots are very large creatures standing from one to two metres tall. On rare cases zealots can reach up to three metres tall standing well over the head of human beings. Zealots have a total of eighteen eyes, nine on each side of their face located primarily on the lower jaw. The rough skin on the zealot protects itself from insects as well as the blaring Ossyrian sun. The zealot also has a total of four arms with three digit hands that end in sharp claws.


Zealots are not the most intelligent race of animals on Ossyria, however, they are smart enough to lay traps and coordinate with one another to take down prey. Zealots typically hunt in packs up to twelve members with a patriarch leading the entire band.

It is proven that zealots communicate with one another through vocal calls, squawks, and squeaks. At times they can call for their hunting partner, to call for help, or even to use their growls and roars to intimidate prey. In a study conducted by Dominic Chavez, a fairly young zealot was able to feign being injured and managed to lure a large trog into a trap set up by the other members of the pack.

Much to the disbelief of many researchers, zealots are able to be trained and domesticated to serve human beings. Right from hatching, zealots must be bonded to a single human being. The bondmaster must constantly feed the hatchling as well as having to constantly associate the hatchling with himself or herself. By doing so, the zealot is permanently bonded with the bondmaster. However this also means that if the bondmaster dies, the zealot is unable to bond with anyone else. This also causes anti-social behavior between itself and other zealots. The reptilian creature is very protective of the bondmaster. It is not uncommon for zealots to attack anything that gets near the bondmaster.


  • The image provided was created by Ken Barthelmey.

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