Zorn Beilur




35 AF




  • Rifle
  • Grenade launcher


The Mower


Wrecked Steel

A Ralitk mercenary with no goals in life. After his specie was pushed out of his native planet, Varwo, in the same system as Trybio, home of the Dharung, and they were nearly extermined, he chose to live without looking at the next day, as his days were counted now. Fleeing to the Kahada System, he quickly settled there with some friends in an all-purpose repair shop. After few years of earning money and getting to know the galaxy, as well as missing his days of hunting and fighting, he chose to get back to war. He became a mercenary and bought a small HMV, the Mower, which he didn't left since then.

In his life he met a Crocdog, Mike, and quickly made friend with him and keeps him in his HMV. Later he enlisted in the Wrecked Steel, a group of mercenaries and bounty hunters. While working in team, the members are allowed to get freelance jobs meanwhile, allowing them a certain range of action, and earning more. He was hired in 87AF by some Ossyrian survivors for an attack on a crashed Tyran warship.

In 89AF, along with the Wrecked Steel, he met the Hellknights and their leader, Earl James...

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